Friday, December 3, 2010

Dance Recital Winter 2010

Makayla and Ethan had their Dance recital Last night. It was Awesome and so fun to watch what they have learned.
Ethan and good friend Jackson.

Makayla was so happy! She had the biggest smile the whole time.

Hunter wanted his picture taken too. This is his new smile isn't it funny.

I love this picture! Ethan loves being the tough guy! Makyala is the little angel!

Zack loved watching the girls and boys Dance. I am so glad that our favorite neighbors came. We love the Rifkins! They are the best neighbors!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Halloween 2010

Ethan is such a big helper! He loves to help with Zack. He is always keeping a watchful eye out and making sure Zack isn't getting in too much trouble..
Hunter started soccer again and he moved up into the next level. So that means they get to play goalie. He likes it but he would rather be out in front running and kicking it in the goal.

Go lighting! That is their team name this year!
This is one of Zack favorite things to do. Lucky my computer is password protected so he doesn't usually do any damage. I love to see the excitement when he is doing something wrong>>> i don't think that is a good sign.
I don't know why theses are side ways I turned them before I put them in. Anyways, Makayla is defiantly my girl I know I have a couple of pictures pulling a face while cleaning out a pumpkin.
Zack seemed to like it too. He keep looking at me like "what do you want me to do with this?" It was so funny. My cute baby is growing up. Ahhhhh
Makayla with are awesome neighbor! We love have such good neighbors!
Ethan is such a trooper. He had to wait till after football practice and after dinner. But the time he got outside to clean his out the crickets were out. So he had them jumping on him and he still pulled through and did it. Crickets are terrible here!
This is Hunter with his pre-school teacher. Mrs. Moss. Hunter is a nut and won't smile for me!
Zack is defiantly a toddler and does not want any help eating. He make a wonderful mess every meal but we don't have any tantrums so I guess it is worth the clean up. But sometimes I wonder if he ever eats anything or if it is all over the floor and the dogs have eaten it!
My parents surprised us and came down for Halloween! It was so much fun having Grandparents here. I am really bummed that I didn't get any picture of Makayla and Ethan by themselves but at least I got a group one right.

I was a zoo keeper if you can't read my name tag. I love Monkey's so I thought it would be perfect for Zack to dress up like a monkey. He loved the trunk or treat especially after he got a sucker. He was content the rest of the time.
Isn't he adorable?
Our pumpkin's: A witch, Zack's happy face, A vampire and a kitty w/ a moon.
Ethan did candy graphing at school, so he thought it would be a good idea to do it with his candy. Which do you think won?
Hunter just sorted it into pile then he practiced counting. He did an awesome job.
Makayla my little poser! She is growing up....... Oh I want to stop time and make sure I enjoy this time with her. She likes me right now and I hope that I can cling to that in a couple of years when she doesn't think I am cool anymore.

Monday, November 1, 2010

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Friday, October 8, 2010

What been going on in our lives... this will catch you up till the end of Aug.

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Zach has discover the cupboards he loves to empty them, climb in them, and hide in them. He and Carson had a lot of fun rearranging the lids and playing with the mixing bowls.
This is the kids last year compared to the begining of this year. I can't believe the changes!

Zack climbed on top of Makayla at the water park. He thought it was so fun!
The boys playing in their fort. Makayla had hers up too.
This was a common practice this summer.
Hanging out with grandpa North. Turns out that Zack loves the four wheeler as much as his brother.

Swimming with all my kiddos. Loving it!
All the Mason kids! at East canyon

Zack at East Canyon

The parade in Fairview.

This is what Zack did during the Derby.
The 24th of July in Fairview.

Fourth of July!!!!! In Prescott. It was fun they had a nice parade and it was cooler than staying in Surprise. The Fire works were alright. We watched them from the side of the road because it there was so many people at the park it was crazy.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Look how big my baby is!!!! He is 10 months old and into everything! If it is something he shouldn't play with then he loves it. The dog food is his favorite, the toilet is a close second, and the stairs are no longer a challenge. He has taken a few step but why try and walk when he has a power crawl. He has a power crawl that he does when he sees an opportunity to get into something he should be into. But we love him to pieces and he gives the best kisses.

My other kiddos are growing like weeds and are learning new things everyday. They all are enjoying their summer.

This is what happens when you jump off a house boat and land on rock. The DR. says that I have a deep tissue contusion and that it will take 4 weeks to be able to walk on. But It has been 3 weeks and it seem to be getting better.

This is the crazy Mason crew. The kids have loved having Aunt Lacey here and she will be

Hunter turned four! Yeah Happy Birthday you little monster

Swimming with the kiddos, Cody and Ash and Carson came down to play. We love having them close by. So who is next to move down here? Josh and Em are here and Ash and Cody are now in Prescott. We love having family close by and would love some more!!!!!!

Aunt Lacey came to Pheonix for three weeks. We love it and it was a blessing to have her here with my foot.

Zack loves to chew on shoes.

The boys had a ton of fun with their cousin Preston. He lives in Chicago so they don't get to see him much.

We went to Lake Powell for a week. This was Zacks first trip there and he loved to eat sand and splash in the water. I have forgotten how hard it is to have a baby on a house boat. It was alot of work and I think it will be a few more years before we go again.